Enabling sales to work smarter and improve win rates

Want to create a repeatable sales process to improve your sales team's efficiency, effectiveness and performance? 
Looking for ways to align sales and marketing to improve buyer engagement and increase close rates? 

Overview: This workshop is designed to help businesses introduce a structured process to help improve your sales team's performance, creating a repeatable process that will allow
you to: 

  • Increase win rates and deal sizes
  • On board new sales reps faster 
  • Increase overall productivity - reducing non sales tasks
  • Provide consistency across the whole sales, pre-sales and customer facing teams
  • Introduce new products faster and ramp up sales

Who's it for? Businesses who are challenged with growth or understand that their sales and customer facing operations could be more productive and aligned more to the buyers and customer journey.

The workshop is designed for C-Level Execs, sales leaders, marketing leaders and sales enablement professionals. 

Objectives: By the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand how the implementation of Sales Enablement can play a vital role in improving sales performance to drive growth
  • Have mapped out the 'current' and 'to be' sales and marketing process, and reviewed where Sales Enablement can close the gap 
  • Review what is required to systemise Sales Enablement in your organisation and what technology, processes, content and organisational changes will be required
  • Develop a plan for implementing Sales Enablement in your organisation
Pre-requisites: Attendees need a good understanding of their current sales and marketing processes. 

Cost: £750 - £1,500 plus VAT depending on customer needs.  

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