Time to rethink your sales strategy?

Current tactics failing to deliver?

Curious about whether "Inbound Sales" could work in your business? 

Overview: Struggling with low responses to outbound calls and emails?  With over 20 years strategic sales experience, our MD, Mike, embarked on the Inbound Sales approach before the term Inbound Sales was invented.  He shares his personal experience in this unique workshop.

Who's it for? Businesses wanting to change their sales approach to create a unified inbound commercial strategy.  Sales teams looking for new ways to engage with prospects and win deals.

Agenda: By the end of this full day workshop, you will have:

  • Discovered ways to make your calls, emails and presentations more buyer-centric
  • Learned how to find and focus on (currently) active buyers
  • Formulated an outline sales process that supports your buyers journey

When and where?

  • A date, time and location (in the UK) that suits you

Intellegentia's HubSpot Training courses operate in Manchester, Birmingham, Milton Keynes and Woking throughout the year.  Each workshop is limited to a maximum of 8 attendees.

Pre-requisites: No previous knowledge of HubSpot is required for this course.  Indeed it is open to non-HubSpot users.

What to bring: Yourself!

Cost: £700 plus VAT

Complete the form to be taken to up-to-date availability for this course. 

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