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Interested in mastering your use of HubSpot?

Want to know how to use HubSpot to drive more inbound leads and better conversions? 

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Our 'HubSpot Masterclasses' are designed to help each participant get the most out of HubSpot. 

Our key objectives are to help you:test.png

  • make HubSpot work better for you
  • uncover advanced techniques and areas for improvement 
  • improve your sales and marketing pipeline
  • increase conversion from lead to customer
  • drive growth in your business


  • Sales and Marketing professionals,
  • ..who use HubSpot Professional or Enterprise in their day to day job,
  • ..working in companies with a dedicated sales team.


  • Round table sessions with Intellegentia Professionals and your peers  

When registering, please indicate the subject areas that interest you most (tick them all if you like!). 


*Please note these events are open only to HubSpot customers not Agencies or HubSpot Partners