WEBINAR: Improving the relationship between Sales & Marketing to drive more sales 





Creating a Sales and Marketing Powerhouse 

If you missed the opportunity to attend the live webinar, but still want to understand how you can Improve the relationship between Sales and Marketing to drive more sales, complete the form and we will send you the link to the recorded webinar.

How do you respond more effectively to today’s modern buyer and significantly increase your revenue and sales win rates?

Consider this …

One of the most common points of failure in many organisations, be that blue chip or small to medium size businesses is a lack of alignment between Sales and Marketing. Common issues such as working in silo’s, misaligned objectives, finger pointing, civil war; all contribute to poor execution of the vision of the organisation, and very simply the ability to grow revenue. Marketing Alignment Image.jpg

However … when companies align their sales and marketing teams, they can see:

  • Up to 208% greater revenue from marketing efforts
  • 38% higher sales rate wins
  • 36% higher customer retention

We were delighted that Dan Tyre - Pioneer of the "Smarketing" concept joined us to deliver the keynote presentation. Dan is a regular speaker, writer, and coach to those who yearn for inbound success. His favourite topic is the importance of attitude, and he's been known to bring the house down when speaking on this topic to groups.


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Mike Broomfield
Managing Director 

Dan Tyre
Executive Director 

Why should you watch this webinar?

The aim of this exciting webinar is to discuss the common challenges and how to overcome them, so that you can build a marketing and sales team … a powerhouse that works together to generate pipeline opportunities and drive top-line growth. We also explore the importance of sales and marketing alignment as an integral component of sales enablement and account based marketing.

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Better processes. Refined leads. Higher revenue.