Workflows to drive leads through all stages in
their buyer journey

Familiar with creating simple workflows but need help to drive leads through all stages of the funnel?

Got workflow in place but having problems with pipeline velocity or attrition rates?

Overview: During the day we'll explore options, discuss your own business needs and
create the lists, workflows, emails etc needed to nurture your leads.  The course isn't JUST about how to use HubSpot workflow, it's about IMPLEMENTING it for your company.

Who's it for? This HubSpot Workflow course is perfect for those who are looking to uncover the potential behind HubSpot's automation engine, optimise their current workflow setup and ready to advance their online strategy. 

Objectives: By the end of this full day HubSpot training workshop, you will:

  • Understand how to build HubSpot workflows
  • Have set up core lead nurturing workflows for your own business
  • Have a plan for extending and improving those workflows for the future

When and where?

A date, time and location (in the UK) that suits you.

Intellegentia's HubSpot training courses operate in Manchester, Woking, Milton Keynes and Birmingham throughout the year.  Each Workshop is limited to a maximum of 8 attendees.

Pre-requisites: A good general working knowledge of HubSpot is required - you should already be familiar with creating lists and setting up emails, for example.  You may have used workflow for simple campaigns, but that isn't essential. 

What to bring: Your laptop, your HubSpot ID and password, and a good idea of the content (particularly gated content) that is suitable for use at the top, middle and bottom of the funnel.  (If you are struggling to think about the content that you need, you might be interested in attending our Content Marketing workshop.)

Cost: £700 plus VAT in total for the day (max 4 attendees)

Complete the form to be taken to up-to-date availability for this course. 

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